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About us

At Pillow Fancy…

We love accent pillows ❤️. We love the idea of them laying all over the place. All kinds of weird ones, funny ones and cool artsy ones. All fancy!
We dream that these pillows will be on couches 'round the world - spreading happiness to the weird, wonderful, beautiful people who sit, eat, sleep and get lucky on them.


All day, every day, no matter how late we were up the night before, we aim to bring you:

New ideas, art, and designs for what is already a fun and amazing collection of pillows
We really know how to turn perspiration into inspiration—or is it the other way around?
Super-nice, top-quality pillows you’ll be proud to have on your couch
Unlike fresh fish, our pillows get even more captivating with age.
The friendliest service in all the land
  We love people and it shows!
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